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Columbarium and Memorial Garden

A Columbarium is a place for the respectful storage of cinerary urns (ie urns holding a deceased cremated remains.) The term comes from the Latin columba (dove) and originally referred to compartmentalized housing for doves. Doves are often seen as a symbol of the Holy Spirit.

The Brighton Catholic Parish has erected a Columbarium adjacent to St Joseph's Church in response to parishioners' requests that such a place of respectul and peaceful interment and immurement of remains be available for parishioners and loved ones.

It is the desire of the Parish Priest and Parish Pastoral Council that this facility be made available in perpetuity in the grounds of St Joseph's Church so that the memories of deceased parishioners will be always present, and that they remain as part of our whole local catholic community - the faithful on earth, the faithful departed and the saints in heaven.

Parishioners may wish to organize the reservation of a niche or garden plots prior to the time of a funeral. We can assist in this regard by advising availability of niches or garden plots to your requirements even many years before a prospective funeral.

Remains can be either:
Immured in one of the Memorial Walls. The covering plate (165mm x 165mm) will bear the details of the deceased.
Interred into the Garden adjacent to the walls. A plaque (145mm x 127mm) will be placed on the garden border.

If a parishioner wishes to place a plaque on the memorial wall without remains being present (as is the case when relatives die overseas or interstate) this may be done. A plaque (137mm x 102mm) bearing the details of the deceased will be placed on the end part of a Memorial Wall. 

Arrangements for the use of the facility are to be made by contact through the Parish Office.

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